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AM23-MN-18-O - AM23-MN-18-O: Impacting Hemovigilance and Patient Safety with a National Alloantibody Exchange (Enduring)

‐ Oct 18, 2023 7:00pm

Credits: None available.

Experts in transfusion medicine, businesses, and blood systems agree on the need for a national alloantibody registry to prevent delayed hemolytic transfusion reactions and improve patient safety. For patients with special requirements for blood transfusion, a proposed Alloantibody Exchange collects limited information, namely alloantibody histories. The exchange will benefit the 1% of patients with special requirements for transfusion by providing secure transmission of shared knowledge of evanescent antibodies that are otherwise undetectable and may cause delayed hemolytic transfusion reactions. The registry will improve the speed, accuracy, reliability, and security of transfusion medicine through improved blood bank efficiency from time saved in acquiring special requirements for transfusion. This is of mutual interest to the AABB Hemovigilance and Information Systems committees as they work with AABB leadership to advance standardization for data exchange between industry, patient care, and regulatory agencies. This session will discuss the clinical and business case for a national antibody exchange and its implications for hemovigilance, preventing delayed hemolytic transfusion reactions, which are a leading cause of transfusion-related deaths. We will then discuss the technical and logistical challenges of implementation through the proposed Alloantibody Exchange, including standardization, security, and regulatory framework.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the importance of a national alloantibody registry in preventing delayed hemolytic transfusion reactions and improving patient safety and transfusion efficiency.
  • Evaluate the benefits of a national transfusion medicine exchange and its impact on patient care, accuracy, reliability, and security of transfusion medicine.
  • Examine the challenges and opportunities in implementing a national alloantibody exchange, including the technical and logistical aspects, as well as its implications for national hemovigilance.




  • Ronald Hauser, MD:
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  • Hamilton Tsang, MD:
    Johnson & Johnson Common Stock: Stock Shareholder (self-managed) (Ongoing); Pfizer, Inc. Common Stock: Stock Shareholder (self-managed) (Ongoing); Roche Holdings AG Basel American Depositary Shares: Stock Shareholder (self-managed) (Ongoing)


Credits: None available.