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AM23-SN-28-O - AM23-SN-28-O: Solve It! Scenarios in Cellular Therapy (Enduring)

‐ Oct 18, 2023 6:00pm

Credits: None available.

We all face challenges in our daily work activities within Cellular Therapy: What is the best approach to manage storage space? How to deal with supply and reagents shortages? How to handle the growing number of clinical trials? How to be better prepared for the next disaster? Or how to adjust training and competency programs to accommodate the changing workforce?The Solve It! Scenarios in Cellular Therapy session offers an interactive and constructive program for Cellular Therapy Professionals to share challenges through case scenario presentations. This program permits attendees to select topics of particular interest, rotate through multiple scenario case presentations in small, informal groups, and develop problem-solving strategies. Join us for lively interactions and networking with experts in the field of Cellular Therapy and fellow colleagues.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss creative solutions to manage common technical, clinical, and administrative challenges using case scenario approach.
  • Review regulatory requirements and accreditation standards while developing strategies to resolve mutual hurdles in daily practices.
  • Assemble with cellular therapy colleagues and experts in the field in a congenial and informal atmosphere.
  • Describe different approaches utilizing tools to solve a particular issue or problem.




  • Vasiliki Kalodimou, CABP (H), MSc, PhD:
    No financial relationships to disclose
  • Maria de los Angeles Muñiz, MD:
    No financial relationships to disclose
  • Federico Rodriguez Quezada, SBB, MLS(ASCP):
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Credits: None available.