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AM23-SN-07-L: Workforce Development in Cell Processing Labs: A Comprehensive Approach to Skills Enhancement and Employee Retention (Live)

‐ Oct 15, 2023 9:30am

Credits: None available.

This session proposes a comprehensive approach to workforce development in cell processing labs, which includes obtaining the internationally recognized AABB Certified Advanced Biotherapies Professional (CABP) credential. The credential covers seven critical domains in the cell processing field, including biotherapies in patient care, operations and equipment, quality systems, and regulatory environments. Obtaining this certification is crucial to enhancing employees' skills and knowledge in cell processing labs and demonstrating their commitment to the field. Training and Education Need Assessment: The first step in our workforce development plan is to comprehensively analyze the skills and knowledge required in cell processing labs. This analysis will identify areas for improvement and help us to tailor training and education programs to the specific needs of the cell processing field. Development and implementation of Training and Education Programs: Based on the results of our needs assessment, we will develop a range of educational tools and activities, including workshops, online courses, and conferences, to provide targeted training and education programs for employees in cell processing labs. Emphasis will be placed on hands-on training and practical real-world experience, with goals of enhancing skills, knowledge, and access to the latest knowledge and technology. Monitoring and Evaluation: With the scope of the CABP syllabus, regular assessments will be conducted to measure the effectiveness of the training and education programs and identify areas for continual improvement. This will help us refine our approach and ensure that our workforce development plan remains relevant and up-to-date to attract and retain an adequate workforce. This education session provides a comprehensive approach to workforce development in cell processing labs, which highlights the critical role of the AABB CABP credential, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.




Credits: None available.