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AM22-46-O - AM22-46-O: (On-Demand) Clear the Way for X-Ray: Discussing Benefits of Removing and Replacing Cesium Irradiators with X-Ray (Enduring)

‐ Nov 7, 2022 6:00pm

Expiration Date: Dec 31, 2024

Credits: None available.

Clear the Way for X-Ray: Discussing Benefits of Removing & Replacing Cesium Irradiators is designed to show interested parties how to access financial incentives for replacing cesium irradiators with FDA-cleared X-ray devices for blood irradiation and why the Department of Energy is at a blood event. A transition to X-ray for blood irradiation removes the risk to the community of having a cesium irradiator for this operation. Industry colleagues will relate their decision-making process, working with management and decision makers on why the transition was needed, explain the financial incentives provided by the Department of Energy, discuss the capabilities and performance of X-ray irradiators to prevent TA-GVHD, recount the technology replacement process and training provided, and highlight the operational benefits of the transition to an X-ray for blood irradiation. This interactive dialogue will cover factors such as cost considerations, security requirements, liability concerns for cesium-based devices and their disposition, and open staff access to the X-ray irradiator. A representative of the Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration’s Office of Radiological Security (DOE/NNSA ORS) will provide an update on the national trends in cesium irradiator replacement, answer your questions, explain the financial incentives (and how to sign up for them) available through the Cesium Irradiator Replacement Project (CIRP) tied to the Fiscal Year 2019 National Defense Authorization Act goal to voluntarily replace all cesium blood irradiators on the United States by 2027.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Illustrate the financial incentives, reduced security requirements, and benefits of removing cesium irradiators and replacing them with FDA-cleared X-ray irradiators.
  • Discuss how the replacement of cesium with X-ray for blood irradiation prevents TA-GVHD, reduces community risk, and has minimal impact on center operations.
  • Describe the Cesium Irradiator Replacement Project, the financial assistance it provides to blood donor centers and transfusion and hospital blood banks to replace their cesium irradiators, and where to find more information.
  • Identify how to get on the replacement list and sign up to replace and remove your cesium irradiator and reduce your risk.


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AM22-46-O: (On-Demand) Clear the Way for X-Ray: Discussing Benefits of Removing and Replacing Cesium Irradiators with X-Ray (Enduring) Evaluation