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AM22-60-O - AM22-60-O: (On-Demand) LVDS - Is It Worth It? (Enduring)

‐ Nov 7, 2022 6:00pm

Expiration Date: Dec 31, 2024

Credits: None available.

It has been one year since the FDA deadline to implement more stringent mitigation strategies to limit bacterial contamination in platelets. Large Volume Delayed Sampling (LVDS) was not only designed to improve bacterial detection, but also to extend the shelf life of platelets to 7 days. Implementation of LVDS has left both Blood Centers and Hospitals dealing with some challenges, including impact to platelet inventory. During this session we will discuss the experience of having LVDS platelets from the perspective of a large blood center and large hospital system. Is there truly value in adding the anaerobic bottle to bacterial detection testing? Are we getting a safer product? We will explore if the benefits of LVDS outweigh the associated challenges.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Compare positive bacterial detection rates before and after LVDS implementation and analyze the results of incorporating the anaerobic bottle in the test method.
  • Describe the impact LVDS has had on platelet inventory including outdate, reject rate, and low platelet yields.
  • Discuss the effect of 7-day platelet in hospital inventory management
  • Discuss changes in platelet utilization since the implementation of LVDS.


  • Sarai Paradiso, BS MT(ASCP):
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AM22-60-O: (On-Demand) LVDS - Is It Worth It? (Enduring) Evaluation