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AM22-08-O - AM22-08-O: (On-Demand) Plenary Abstract Session (Enduring)

‐ Nov 7, 2022 6:00pm

Expiration Date: Dec 31, 2024

Credits: None available.

Oral abstract session on Plenary Abstracts.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the impact of pathogen reduction on platelet transfusion safety.
  • Evaluate the risk of transfusion-transmitted SARS-CoV-2.
  • Examine the mechanism of alloantibody production after platelet transfusions.
  • Investigate the use of platelets as a method deliver therapeutic proteins.
  • Understand the mechanism underlying the Helgeson phenotype, the serological null phenotype of the Knops blood group system.

By completing the evaluation, you are attesting to watching the presentation in its entirety. A certificate will be immediately provided after submission.

Credits Available

AM22-08-O: (On-Demand) Plenary Abstract Session (Enduring) Evaluation