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AM22-12-O - AM22-12-O: (On-Demand) Ask the Standards (Enduring)

‐ Nov 7, 2022 6:00pm

Expiration Date: Dec 31, 2024

Credits: None available.

Presentations will be given by the chairs of the Cellular Therapy Standards and Immunohematology Reference Laboratories Standards Committees. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Review new and changed standards for newly issued sets of Standards
  • Explain the Standards Creating and Setting Process
  • Explain the difference between Standards and Guidance


  • Christopher Bocquet:
    Nothing to Disclose
  • Susan Noone, MPH, CQA (ASQ):
    Nothing to Disclose

By completing the evaluation, you are attesting to watching the presentation in its entirety. A certificate will be immediately provided after submission.

Credits Available

AM22-12-O: (On-Demand) Ask the Standards (Enduring) Evaluation